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Here are a couple of important LS English Documents:

IEP Goal Bank – Language Arts

English Essential Concepts, Principles, and Questions

Here are some resources I use in my LS English classes:

KidBlog – Safe and simple blogs for your students. I love using this in my English classes.

Language Fundamentals and Daily 6-Trait Writing (Evan-Moor Publishers) – Because there are six different levels (grades 1-6) covering the same basic concepts, these are helpful tools for differentiating instruction. I have the e-resource versions – very handy for using with Promethean Board and for printing student pages as needed. I also like the Evan-Moor Daily Paragraph Editing resource.

Pattern-Based Writing – This is a helpful, sequential approach that starts with writing sentences, then paragraphs.

Here are some other resources I have found helpful in designing instruction for my English classes:

Writing Assessment and Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities – A comprehensive and detailed text. One of the best I’ve read on this subject.

Writing Teacher’s Strategy Guide – Includes some helpful writing organizers and activities.

All’s Well that Spells Well –  Summary of spelling strategies and approaches. Includes some good ideas, although some of the author’s comments might not apply to students with learning disabilities.

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